What we do

Helping those Living with Cancer:

We provide lots of help and support to people with cancer who decide to use an integrated approach to healing.  This may be through one of our educational workshops, a regular organic veg box or a grant towards something you desperately need as part of your cancer journey.

One client, Elsa said:

” I was so pleased to have been introduced to Together Against Cancer who have been a life saver for me in recent months.  Since 2009, when I had my first cancer diagnosis, I have gone from being a very highly paid business consultant, to relying upon state benefit and unable to buy organic produce often enough.  Thanks to TAC, I have enjoyed receiving a weekly organic veg box which has been a great help to me.  I now recommend TAC to others living with cancer and have attended their super workshops which are immensely practical, and another great resource.  No-one knows how expensive and stressful cancer is to manage until you are in the position of trying to cope on a limited income, yet your recovery needs top quality foods.  TAC also provide support and funding to access medical consultations which can ease the fear factor, especially when first diagnosed. A HUGE thank you to TAC for their ongoing help and support for those going through an unwelcome cancer journey”

If you or your loved one is living with cancer and are following an integrated approach to healing, then contact us HERE to see how we can help you.


Grants for Partner Charities:

Each year we provide a handful of grants to charities who are aligned closely with what we do.  You can view a selection of charities who have benefited in this way HERE.