Yes to Life

Helping to make Integrative Medicine available to everyone in the UK


LOGO NICEYes to Life is inspired by a vision of a different way of responding to cancer. Our aim is to change culture and attitude and to make  integrative cancer care, an approach which utilises and combines the best of both orthodox and Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM), readily available throughout the UK. We are a unique organisation and the only UK charity directly supporting people with cancer in taking an integrative approach to their care.

How do we help?

We help everyone who makes contact with us, in one form or another. We want to help anyone in the UK with cancer who wishes to pursue integrative care and to support them on their journey.


Our Aims

Increase funding support we give to people in need who are taking an integrative approach to their cancer treatment.

Continue to expand our education programme to a wide range of locations across the UK, bringing people with cancer together to provide them with high quality information from cancer specialists.

Extend our Wellbeing Workshops for people with cancer, continuing to provide them with a special retreat space which is both private and calm, where they can get advice on nutrition, non-toxic products, take part in specialised exercise, learn and share.

Ensure that the concept of Integrative Medicine becomes more ‘common currency’ amongst people with cancer, their family and friends.


To continue to raise awareness of the range of options available within an integrative approach to cancer care.


Address:  Yes to Life, Unit 4,The Energy Centre, Bowling Green Walk, London N1 6AL

Helpline:  0870 163 2990